Sheikh Mohamed Abu Al-Nasr bin Sheikh Omar Al-Yafi:
(1216 – 1280 AH corresponding to 1801-1863 AD)

He was born in Beirut and taught by his father. He taught and mentored on the way of his father, Sheikh Omar, may God have mercy on him. He set up a corner of the Sufi method in the Martyrs’ Square in Beirut and another near Port Said Avenue in Tripoli. He was close to Sultan Abd al-Majid, who gave him a plot of land in the Tower Square, on which he built a prayer corner, a house, a residence, and a market known to this day as the Abu al-Nasr market. Prince Abdul Qadir al-Jaza’iri stayed with Sheikh Abu al-Nasr for eighteen days on his way to Damascus. He moved to Egypt, and after several months, he died and was buried there in 1280 AH