Sheikh Saleh Al-Madhoon Al-Yafi
 (1886 – 1944 AD)

Sheikh Sharif Saleh bin Mustafa bin Yusuf bin Rifi bin Ahmed, known as Al-Madhoon Al-Husseini, with the lineage of Al-Yafi and the nickname Al-Hanafi by school of thought.

He was born in Beirut in 1866 and began his religious studies at a young age. His father sent him to Cairo to further his Islamic education at Al-Azhar University. After completing his studies, he returned to Beirut and served as a judge in the Bekaa region

 He authored numerous books, including “Tanbih al-Anam ila Tarikh al-Islam” and “Kitab al-Khilafah wal-Othmaniyyah” among others.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Yafi passed away in Beirut in 1944.